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Our Investment Philosophy: Nurturing Growth, Igniting Change. At Volcano Capital, we're more than connectors; we're catalysts for meaningful transformation. Our investment thesis revolves around identifying potential, fostering partnerships, and nurturing innovation. We believe in the power of collaboration to shape the future.

We seek investors and founders aligned with our values, crafting strategies that target 10X returns and create value for portfolios and companies alike. Join us in building a future defined by profound connections and extraordinary growth.

Volcano Capital leverages the environment of the Volcano Summit to engage with startups/founders as well as investors so it can foster relations to exponentially accelerate the growth of the two parts. With a +40 country reach and backed up by serial entrepreneurs and investors, Volcano Summit offers a unique ecosystem to be exploited for the benefit of all the stakeholders involved. We are the bridge between LATAM and the global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Net Worth of the Community






Family Offices












Invested in the Guatemalan economy through initiatives such as Startup Avenue, M&A, and investments by venture capital funds.

Awarded in education thanks to strategic alliances between:

2020 - Coursera + FUNSEPA + MINEDUC + MINTRAB (US$20 million)

2022 - Platzi + FUNSEPA + MINEDUC + MINTRAB (US$20 million)

  • 3 CVCs 

(Corporate Venture Capital Funds)

  • 1 Angel Investor Network

  • Guatemalan Fintech Association

  • El Cubo Center

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